When J-Prime came to us, their social media was lackluster and was losing a grip on their brand. Vuepoint swooped in and saved their Facebook and Instagram through strategic posting, cohesive content and utilizing unique platform features like stories and highlights. Within six months we increased their Instagram following by 1,373 (an average of 228 new followers per month!). We saw that the content they were utilizing was doing a disservice to their brand. A successful social media strategy needs quality content, so we coordinated regular photoshoots to ensure their content stays fresh and engaging.

High-Quality Content

With a restaurant business, there are so many opportunities to share visual, drool-worthy content. While you can absolutely take your own photos and have a successful brand on Instagram, we understand that J-Prime is a fine dining establishment, and needs to exude quality in everything they do. Professional photography of their constantly changing menu is vital for their brand.

Vuepoint Photoshoot at J-Prime Steakhouse

While customers come to J-Prime expecting high-quality food, they’re also looking to have a top-notch experience. Therefore, lifestyle shots of the J-Prime experience are also a big part of their branding.

Lifestyle Photos

Instagram is a Must for Restaurants

If you’re on Instagram, you probably know that food is one of the most popular things for users to post. With over a billion users on Instagram, that’s a lot of competition, but if you’re a local San Antonio restaurant, you can be strategic about targeting Instagram users in your area and staying in touch with past customers by updating them with your latest happenings.

J-Prime Instagram Feed

Previously, the client wasn’t utilizing stories or highlights with their Instagram account. Highlights allow an account to create ongoing stories on a specific topic or category. For example, we created highlights for the bar, wines, restaurant week, butcher shop, holidays, and steaks, just to name a few. The other benefit of these highlights is that they always stay on the profile and don’t disappear after 24 hours like a story does. The savvy Instagram user (aka. Iger) knows that these highlights are a good way to research a restaurant before heading there.

Custom Instagram Highlight Icons

Stories are a great way to engage with your audience. They’re perfect for timely announcements since they only last 24 hours. We utilize the stories feature to promote specific holidays, events, or general announcements which also keeps J-Prime relevant in their endless story feed.

Instagram Stories for J-Prime Steakhouse

Building their Facebook Following & Engagement

While Instagram is the perfect visual platform for a restaurant business, you can’t ignore the fact that 71% of US adults use Facebook and that 74% of users are high earners. These demographics are just what a high-end steakhouse needs. J-Prime’s Facebook account was previously being regularly updated, however, the brand was getting diluted with low-quality images and unsophisticated graphics. We came up with a consistent posting schedule and were selective in the quality of content we post to keep the brand elevated.

J-Prime Steakhouse Facebook Posts

The Hard Stats

Within six months of working with J-Prime, we elevated their social media content to match their high-end restaurant, food, and service. We optimized our posting schedule to continue to receive the best engagement and to build their following on both platforms.

On Facebook, we increased their total reach by almost 50% and increase audience engagement by 40%!

On Instagram, the reach was increased by a whopping 80% and increased their following by 86%.

While we greatly improved both platforms, Instagram saw the greatest leap because there was so much untapped potential. We were able to create a plan and stay consistent which resulted in huge audience growth that directly affected the restaurant business.

Let Vuepoint Help Your Business

Is your social media lacking consistency or isn’t aligning with your brand? We know it’s hard to stay on top of it with all of the other roles of a business owner. Let our dedicated team take your social media to the next level! Contact us for your free consultation to see if we would be a good fit for your business.