The Plan

Nanoceutical Solutions is a supplement store that uses the power of nanotechnology to create highly absorbable liquid supplements such as vitamin D3, melatonin, and methyl B12 to name a few. With an e-commerce store like, the goal is very tangible – sell products.

The supplement industry is a highly competitive one when it comes to PPC campaigns. While we have figured out a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) with their PPC campaigns, we often find that simply keeping current customers updated on sales and new products is a great revenue generator.

The holidays are a great time to promote big sales because shoppers are actively watching out for those big sales and are ready to spend. With twelve products in their store (at the time), how could we pass up the idea of one sale for each day of the 12 days of Christmas?

The Platform

Nanoceutical Solutions is built on the e-commerce platform, Shopify. CM Commerce is an email marketing application that integrates with Shopify. This allows our email campaigns to be tied to the store and provide data on campaign performance. The templates also allow us to directly tie products from the store within our emails which can save time in the initial setup.

A useful tool on Shopify is the ability to set up scheduled automatic discounts or discount codes. Being able to schedule these ahead of time with start and end dates/times allowed this campaign to be completely prepped before that first email even launched.

12 Days of Christmas Email Campaign
The Design

Fourteen emails over fourteen days is definitely a hefty email campaign. Since it wasn’t our first campaign for Nano, we were able to utilize our custom-made templates as a starting point. Each email features a hero image that displays a different product in a similar background setting to give the emails cohesiveness. A small graphic with the title “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is featured at the top of each image in a banner to distinguish the series of emails.

The sale of the day is also prominently displayed in the headline of the featured image along with the product. Reiterating “Today Only!” lets the reader know that the sale is urgent and only for a short time so they need to act fast.

The remaining content has a large headline with the sale of the day while the smaller content below it provides a few highlights on why someone would want to purchase the product on sale. And finally, a bright pink call-to-action button that links to the product page.

The Results

The average open rate of the campaign was almost 30% which shows the effectiveness of a good subscriber list. The top-performing email produced $983.11 in revenue while the overall campaign brought in close to $5,000 for our client. Overall, the campaign was such a great success, we may have to replicate it next year. We enjoy working with clients for the long haul so that we can easily look at previous year campaigns and learn how to improve the results and set higher goals.

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