Who is PolyX3D?

Polyx3D is a local San Antonio business that utilizes 3D printing to prototype, and even manufacture, small-run products. They offer a cost-effective, quick turnaround to individuals and businesses in need of their services. Polyx3D was in desperate need of a simple website that allowed customers and potential customers to see their services and capabilities, past work, and to get in touch for a quote.

A Fresh Look

While Polyx3D did have a website, it was severely lacking style and professionalism. Snippets of template theme defaults were sprinkled through the site and the Halloween color palette was scary.

Old Polyx3D Website

With a bold, fresh color palette, a refined layout, and large, vibrant photos, the website design was transformed.

Polyx3D Website Scrolling

As with any new website project, once the content is finalized, we mock up the website design before any coding takes place. We want to make sure our client is happy with the look. This allows us to easily make any adjustments to the design.

When the design is right where it needs to be, our developers work their magic and build a fully functioning website. As with every website we complete, the development stage will ensure that your website is fully responsive and looks great even on mobile.


Even though it’s a simple website, there are some small touches that make it extra-special and allow it to function well for this 3D Printing company.

On the home page, there are a couple of sections that were perfect for an accordion layout. This is where more info is expanded when a section is clicked on. It works well in the Product Development Life Cycle section and the Industries section.

The gallery page allows the client to regularly log into the WordPress admin area of the website and easily add new items to their gallery. It serves not only as a portfolio of work but also features products that can be customized.

And finally, the client needed a simple form that allowed website users to submit a request for a quote.

Sometimes a simple website is all that is needed for a small business. So many searches start online when looking for a niche service like 3D printing, and now Polyx3D has a website that they can continue to build their business on.

Whether you’re looking for a simple website refresh or need something more complicated, reach out to us, we can help!