Stallworth Facial Plastics is a highly skilled facial plastic surgeon in San Antonio, Texas. One of Dr. Stallworth’s top specialties is rhinoplasty (aka. nose jobs). We set up a campaign on Google and Facebook to connect people looking to have a rhinoplasty procedure done. Connecting patients with this plastic surgery practice leads to revenue and a great return on their advertising investment.

The beauty of Google Ads is that when optimized effectively, the ad shows up only to users who are searching specifically for a rhinoplasty procedure or a nose job. Before launching any campaign, a lot of initial research is required to ensure the campaign makes sense for our client’s business. We research how many times a phrase is searched in relation to a location to best determine the area that we want to target.

We also wanted to run a smaller campaign on Facebook. While Facebook doesn’t find users who are looking for a specific service, it has strong targeting tools that allow us to narrow our audience by interests, income, and a more specific age range. We also have the ability to utilize eye catching graphics to capture viewers’ interest.

With our game plan in place, we develop the content that will be used not only in the ads, but on the landing page. The landing page is a very important piece of the puzzle. It gives the viewer the information they need and a simple call to action that puts them in touch with the business. In this case, a form is filled out and is received by the doctor’s office and if all goes well, a consultation and a surgery is scheduled. Of course, this type of service will provide less leads than an e-commerce client that’s selling something like lipstick because the overall value of the customer is much higher. Our goal with this type of campaign is not about the number of leads, but the quality of those leads. We regularly meet with our clients to see how many of those leads are converting into revenue for them. This allows us to make better targeting adjustments to increase the lead quality.

Stallworth Rhinoplasty Landing Page Hero

The landing page design features a middle aged woman who looks happy, confident and beautiful in her own skin. The viewers’ eye is directed to the large purple button that jumps to the form on the page to schedule a consultation.

Stallworth Rhinoplasty Landing Page Form

The form requires simple contact information: name, email and phone number. There is also a field to allow the user to further describe what procedure they are looking for. The goal of this page is to get the viewer to fill out the form with their information. The form is submitted to the surgeon’s office and is then in the hands of the staff to schedule that initial consultation.

The landing page goes over a quick explanation of the process and who would make a good candidate for nose surgery. Of course, with any plastic surgery website, the viewer wants to see a portfolio of work. Several before and afters highlighting nose reshaping surgery, functional nose surgery, and reconstructive surgery are displayed.

Stallworth Rhinoplasty Landing Page Before & After

And finally, we wrap the page up with a genuine and thorough testimonial from a patient that emphasizes the difference they experienced with Dr. Stallworth and his initial consultation.

Stallworth Rhinoplasty Landing Page Testimonial

Once a landing page is published, you have to start driving targeted traffic to it to get eyes on all of the beautiful information compiled. Targeted traffic simply means that the viewer going to the page already has some interest in the service that is being talked about. In this case, rhinoplasty. The ads created are simple and feature the profiles of women that could relate to a variety of ages – 20s, 30s and 50s.

Stallworth Rhinoplasty Facebook Ads

Within three months of launching the campaign on Google we have seen a 7% conversion rate and quality leads for our client. The Facebook campaign averaged 17 leads per month over a three month period. As the campaign continues to run and optimizations are made, we expect these leads to increase.

If a campaign similar to this one is of interest to you, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us to go over a digital strategy for your business!