Who is Nanoceuticals?

Nanoceutical Solutions is a product-based business that sells nano-sized liquid supplements. They have a small line of seven specialty products. The nanotechnology behind their product allows for maximum absorption. Their old website was getting stale and was difficult to navigate. We gave them a new, custom website built on Shopify, a powerful e-commerce platform.

The Design

The site was completely redesigned and organized. The overall design is clean and utilizes a lot of white, allowing the product to stand out. Of course, the website is also mobile responsive and will adjust for a variety of devices which is a standard with all of our websites.

Pops of color are inspired by the rainbow of colors used on their product labels.

The graphics have a molecular feel which is a nod to the science behind the nanotechnology of their product.

The photography featured throughout the website pages is lifestyle focused showing the type of person that would use their product or the product in various settings (at a yoga class, on a desk at work, etc.).

Website Features

Simplifying the Sale

The original website took 3-4 clicks just to be able to find the product price and add it to your cart. It was a bit too tedious when it comes to converting to a sale for an e-commerce site. We organized the shop to be filtered by bundles and singles. While there are ultimately only seven different products that Nanoceutical Solutions offers, they offer discounts on bundles of three. Whether it’s for Whole Body Health, Anti-Inflammation, or overall Well Being, there’s a bundle that can fit a variety of goals and lifestyles.

We simplified the pricing with the product at a one-time price or 15% off if doing a monthly subscription. The previous shop gave discounts for 3-packs and subscriptions so there were just way too many options for the user. Now there’s a set price and an incentive discount if the user wants to replenish their supply each month.

On the desktop version, the navigation features a mega menu when you hover over Shop. This allows the user to quickly see the line up of products and jump straight to what they’re looking for.

More Incentives

Everyone has questions when they’re buying or researching a new product. A well-functioning website answers the majority of the questions most customers will have. A frequently asked questions page can help a potential customer decide on whether to buy or not. This FAQs page can easily be added by the client and is organized with an accordion function that reveals the answer to the question when clicked on.

The blue sticky bar at the top of each page can feature an announcement or special sale and can easily be updated by the site owner. It’s an easy way to add another incentive your customer will see when they visit the site. It’s the perfect place to advertise a seasonal sale or even a new product.

What is more captivating than a real-life testimonial where you feel the genuine excitement about a product that works? Testimonials are important. We made sure to highlight the plethora of positive reviews and filtered them to be featured on each relevant product.

Customer Accounts

Because Nanoceutical Solutions offers a monthly subscription to their products, they wanted to give their customers the ability to manage their subscriptions. A customer will receive a reminder email about a week before their next subscription is about to ship and they can log in and skip a shipment or even cancel a subscription altogether. This makes lightens the load on logistics and is a huge convenience to the customer.

When Simple is Best

While a fresh, new design is always desired when a website is starting to look dated, it’s important to look at the functionality and how that can be improved as well. Little improvements can make a big impact over time especially when it comes to e-commerce product sales. One of the biggest improvements with this project was just the simplified process of a customer coming to the site and checking out. Fewer clicks and simpler choices just make it less of an obstacle course for the customer to submit their payment. We are excited to see how the website performs along with a new digital marketing strategy that is coming soon!